The 17th Door (Buena Park, CA) Review - 2023

I finally made it out to California this year to attend The 17th Door. While I did do other attractions in the area, The main reason I flew from Atlanta to California was to experience this haunt in particular. For those who are unfamiliar, The 17th Door is an extreme haunt that requires a waiver and is world known for being extremely intense. The haunt includes contact with live bugs, electricity/shocking, suffocation, etc. It certainly stands out from other haunts and is not for the faint of heart. 

I have been following this attraction for a long time, and I was so excited to make a trip this year to experience it. I must say- it was totally worth the trip, and even though I had very high expectations for this show (perhaps, the highest expectation I have ever had going into a show for the first time), The 17th Door managed to exceed them. 

I went to this show seeking something original, something truly intense and unique and not just another maze relying on some jump scares. The 17th Door absolutely does this, and I would argue it is the most innovative haunt in the world. 

The concept is simply brilliant, telling a story as guests progress through rooms: being in each room for 90 seconds so guests do not come in contact with each other- each room extremely unique in it’s one way- surprises around every corner- interactions with actors involving suffocation, shocking, bugs, etc (things that most people actually find scary). 

There simply isn’t another haunt or attraction in the world like it. 

Almost all haunts strive to be “scary” and “intense” but very few do it at this level. There are some haunts considered “extreme” haunts but this one is set up in such an innovative way that nothing even comes close it. For example, you are trapped in a room that literally spins upside down and plays an illusion on you, as actors inside interact with you. It is so well done. 

 Between production value and the level of innovation, there really is nothing like The 17th Door. It is the perfect balance between big-budget haunted house and extreme haunt. Lots of extreme haunts do not have the mechanisms, production value, and technology that 17th Door has. Extreme haunts are geared towards a more niche audience, but 17th Door is the perfect balance. Do not get me wrong- 17th Door is still extreme and intense-but it is still accessible to a larger audience, as they allow safe words and “mercy pendants” for people who don’t want to be shocked/contacted with bugs.

 If you want an extreme experience, look no further. The 17th Door is the most intense attraction I have ever done. But if you are wanting to try an “extreme” haunt that allows safe words, etc. this is the perfect one to start with. 

There are so many amazing rooms at The 17th Door and while I will not write about all of them, I want to talk about my top five rooms and why I loved them without major spoilers:

  1. Death Row Execution Squad (Firing Squad)- This room is extremely immersive and intense. It feels like you are actually a prisoner about to be shot at. 
  2. Tumbler- the setup of the room and the way actors interact in it make it (in my opinion) the most innovative room to ever be built in a haunt attraction. 
  3. Roach Room- I don’t love roaches, but they really do not scare me. However, this room is really scary if you are afraid of bugs and a lot of people are. 
  4. Breathless- I would probably say this is the second most innovative room to be created in a haunt attraction (other than circle shocks, which is not at 17th Door this year). The mechanics of this room make for a really intense experience, where guests are suffocated with latex. 
  5. Meat Locker- It is so cold in this room! However, this makes it very realistic and immersive. The actors interaction in particular makes this room stand out. 

There are so many rooms I love at The 17th Door, and I could go on and on about why I love them, but it is hard to describe the feeling of actually going through it. The experience is so fast-paced and intense it just simply needs to be done in person to gain a deeper appreciation for it. 

All the cast at 17th Door is incredible and makes audiences fully immersed in the show, bringing me to the last subject I want to write about which is The Field Trip. The Field Trip is an add on experience, taking about 50 minutes and I must say- this was extremely intense- on the same level or perhaps even more extreme than the main show. It is the craziest and most immersive attraction I have ever done. Keep in mind- I said attraction- and I mean attraction, not just “haunts.” No theme park attraction, immersive theater show, or haunt comes close to the shows 17th Door puts on, and The Field Trip is absolutely no exception. The Field Trip is an action packed, immersive 50 minute show that simply needs to be experienced if you are a haunt fan. The actors are incredible (shoutout to my van driver Frankie Savage) and the storyline is very well setup. 

I could explain what happens in this show, but I think it is best kept a secret. You just need to do it and experience it for yourself, but it is the perfect balance of comedy, horror, and thrill ride. 

The 17th Door, combined with The Field Trip, is the most unique, fun, and intense haunt attraction I have ever been to. It is also the most innovative attraction in the world. If you haven’t been to The 17th Door, you are simply missing out. It is truly magnificent. 

Sets 10/10

Immersion/Theming 10/10

Cast 10/10

Fright 10/10

10/10 Stars!!