Six Fears Hell's Bar Dam: The Damned- Review (2021)

 Six Fears Hell's Bar Dam is one of the other haunts we visited while in the Chattanooga area. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot, the atmosphere was really neat. While waiting in line for their show The Damned one of the staff members told us a little bit about the dam's history. According to this staff member, Hales Dam is the number one most haunted dam in the world. It has a lot of history and many deaths have occurred on site. He told us how he has encountered strange paranormal experiences multiple times throughout the dam.

This set a really creepy mood as we entered the show.  I want to note that this dam is massive. The show is as well. It is almost 25-30 mins and definitely the longest show we visited in Chattanooga. It was just really cool to travel through the historic dam. 

Also, I will say this haunt was extremely intense, especially towards the ending. The first part of the haunt has a cool atmosphere and a wide variety of theming as you travel through the dam. Some parts of the show were similar to other haunts we have been to before. They have classic scenes that you see at a lot of other haunted houses, like a hospital scene, clowns, etc. 

However, towards the end of the show, things became far from ordinary. Myself, and my friend, who have been visiting and reviewing haunts for years, both agreed on one thing; The final quarter of this haunted attraction alone made this haunt by far the most intense and creepy haunt we have ever been to. This show gave me goosebumps and raised my heart rate. It was quite refreshing. I often go to haunts and do not get scared- but this show got me. The atmosphere is extremely creepy towards the end of the show, and I must say, I was all for it.

-My overall experience at Fear's Dam was great. This show has a little for everyone. It has a wide variety of classic haunted house themes you'd expect at a haunt attraction, but also has multiple scenes relying on just the atmosphere of the dam itself. I will also go as far as saying, this is the best haunt I visited in Tennessee.

The cast members were great and the layout felt like a maze. There were a lot of twists and turns and I loved that about it. I would highly recommend this to thrill-seekers. The haunt may not be intense at first, but as you venture further, you will soon see how special this haunt is.

10/10 Stars

The Haunt Journal

Ryan Manley